Sunday, September 9, 2012


Need a mobile flashcard solution? Try FlipIt Flashcards -- easy to install and use.
What's FlipIt Flashcards?

FlipIt Flashcards makes memorizing easy!
It brings you the power of,, and in one app.
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Features include:
      -creating flashcards,
      -searching for pre-made flashcards provided by
               > or
      -Accessing flashcards from, or using your username,
      -sharing your flashcards with friends by providing them with your username
      -Keep track of what you learned, and need to work on,
      -Study cards that were marked as incorrect, or correct,
      -ability to study only cards that were never studied,
      -changing the font size and color of your cards
      -change the cards backgrounds
      -listening to the cards
      -scrolling the cards' content
      -and editing the cards at any time.

FlipIt Flashcards is the perfect mobile solution for studying flashcards, without the hassle of carrying paper cards.

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Searching for flashcards requires a data connection. If you get a force close, please double check that you have an active internet connections. Some wireless hot spot may require you to sign an agreement before getting access to the internet.

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